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About Prevue Hendryx

Published on Friday, 27th January 2017
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Prevue Hendryx are one of the most experienced Parrot toy manufacturers, as incredibly they begun creating wonderful accessories, cages and toys for pets way back in 1869.

They have continued to produce only the finest products and as a result are the pet care industry leaders in innovation, quality and safety.

Only the very best workmanship goes into making Prevue Hendryx products, along with first class materials that are completely bird safe.

Cage Liner Paper

Keeping the lining of your Parrot’s cage clean is very important so that it stays clean and hygienic. This cage liner paper has an anti-microbial protection layer and comes in a range of sizes, so you can find the right one to fit your Parrot’s cage. These is 54.6cm x 7.5m. 

The Folding Travel Cage could be just the place for the paper, This spacious cage has all the features your bird knows when they're on the go. 
Speech Training Devices

Parrots are known for their vocal ability. Mimic Me lets you record words and phrases for your Parrot in your own voice and this is then repeated many times to help your Parrot learn it. It’s an enjoyable way for you and your Parrot to spend time together.  


Hideaways are very important for your Parrot because they give them a safe place to retreat to when they feel scared or threatened. Prevue Hendryx hideaways are in either a blanket or snuggle hut style. Both are incredibly warm and cosy for your Parrot to be in.

The Snuggle Sack Hideaways come in a small, medium or large size. 

The Cosy Corner blankets are available in small, medium or large too. 

Prevue Hendryx Toys

The Chime Time Parrot Toy with Mirrors and Calcium Chews has a range of materials for your Parrot to chew on, forage with and more, including calcium blocks and aluminium.

Prevue have an excellent choice of Coffee Tree Perches too. The Y-Shaped Coffee Tree Perch is available in small, medium and large and the regular shaped perch is available in small size.  
Prevue Hendryx Food

Prevue Hendryx also have a range of food for hamsters. The small fruity flavoured treats keep small Parrot beaks or hamster teeth healthy and trim, as well as exercising their jaw. 

Prevue Hendryx: Toys, hideaways and accessories that enrich a Parrot's life. 

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