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You’ll find everything you need for your African Grey Parrot right here.


There are large perches for your African Grey Parrot, made with a variety of textures. The rough texture of the sand and wooden perches help keep your bird’s nails trim and healthy. There are even edible perches made from calcium and some with fruity flavours, to encourage your African Grey Parrot to chew. Perches provide your African Grey somewhere comfortable to rest, perch and play from.


Once feeding time comes around, your African Grey can tuck into their food from one of our feeding dishes. Of course, your African Grey needs to forage for their food as much as possible, but it’s good to have a supply of food and fresh water available in their bowls.


Need to keep your Grey’s food fresh? Then these small, medium or large storage boxes are perfect for keep all your African Grey’s food in. The tight seal prevents any sunlight, moisture and pests getting to the food.


Your African Grey can greatly benefit from access to UVA and UVB. Both wavelengths of UV light allow your Grey to synthesise calcium. Calcium is needed by your feathered friend to produce eggs, build strong bones and help them grow. Use our lights, lamps and bulbs to give your Grey the light they require.


Weigh your Parrot regularly to see if they have lost or gained weight. Fluctuations in body weight can sometimes be a sign of a more serious problem. We have scales accurate to within one gram.


You need to make sure that your African Grey’s cage is a comfortable environment for them to be in. Your bird could need up to 12 hours of sleep a night, so it’s important they get as much rest as possible. The hideaways for African Greys provide your bird with somewhere safe to retreat to when they need peace and quiet.


Line the bottom of your African Grey’s cage with bird sand with oyster shell that is easy to use and clean, or cage liner rolls that give you a tough antimicrobial protection layer.


Keep your African Grey’s cage clean and well maintained. Disinfectants kill lots of the major bacteria, viruses and fungi you could find in your bird’s cage and there are also wipes and clean up liquids you can use to tidy up after your Grey.


Misters support you in keeping your African Grey clean. Remove dirt and grime from your Parrot’s feathers and keep them looking fantastic.


Learning to fly gives your Parrot increased self-confidence, better coordination skills and give their IQ a boost. Teach your African Grey to fly in safety with one of our Parrot harnesses, there’s even an additional flight line that allows you to fly your bird in a bigger open space. Cement the bond between you and your feathered friend by helping them to master this important skill.


Train your Parrot by using a training clicker. During behaviour training use the sound of the clicker to let your Parrot know when they’ve done something right and give your Parrot a reward alongside it.


Watching DVD’s on African Grey Parrots is a brilliant way of learning about these fascinating birds. Watch these to find out more about your Parrot’s behaviour, their nutritional needs and how to care for them generally.


Choose from our excellent array of African Grey Accessories right here.