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Explore our extensive collection of accessories designed specifically for African Grey Parrots, offering everything you need to foster a nurturing and engaging habitat for your feathered companion.


Our range includes textured perches that provide a comfortable resting spot and help to maintain neat nail trims. For moments of play and exercise, discover our portable stands and play gyms, perfect for encouraging activity and exploration.


Mealtime becomes effortless with our specially designed feeding dishes,


Illuminate your Grey's living space with lamps and bulbs that supply crucial UVA and UVB light, vital for their overall well-being.


Keep a close eye on their health with our precision scales, ensuring they're in top condition.


Create a private haven for your Parrot with our cosy hideaways, and maintain a clean and hygienic cage with our liners and disinfectants. Misters offer a refreshing way to promote good hygiene for a happy and healthy bird.


Training and bonding time are enhanced with harnesses and clickers, while educational DVDs provide an opportunity to enrich your Grey's knowledge and stimulate their intellect.


Dive into our selection of African Grey accessories and equip yourself with all the essentials to ensure your Parrot thrives.