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All our supplements are completely safe to use on your Parrot, are very effective and fast acting. There are supplements from all the major brands and manufacturers so your Large Macaw has access to the very best products. We do advise that you seek the advice of a vet if your Large Macaw is unwell.


Every Large Macaw, such as the popular Blue and Gold Macaw and Scarlet Macaw, needs the right quantity of vitamins and minerals in their diet. Usually they can get everything they require from their food, but when they need a helping wing add our supplements to their meal.


Some vitamins, elements and minerals are part of a multi-pack, whilst others are packaged individually. Some are in a powdered format, others are liquid.


Omega 3 is used by your Large Macaw to maintain a healthy heart, brain and muscles. This can be found on its own, as can the liquid calcium supplement which your Parrot uses in producing eggs and building strong bones.


Once you’ve decided to breed your larger Macaw, for example the lovely Military Macaws, bring your potential Parrot parents into breeding condition faster with our breeder products. These special supplements contain vital vitamins and minerals used in chick growth and wellbeing.


Illness and emergency supplements act when you need them most.


When your Large Macaw is ill they may not feel like eating for a short time. So providing them with emergency nutrition makes sure your Parrot still receives all the nutrients they need whilst they’re unwell, until they’re ready to eat again. Even when your Parrot isn’t ill but is still being a fussy feeder, other types of supplements gets your Large Macaw eating a balanced diet once again.


Prebiotics and probiotics work in your Large Macaw’s digestive system too. Probiotics increase the amount of good bacteria in your Parrot’s gut, which aids digestion, and prebiotics Increase their effectiveness as well as helping probiotics to form in the first place.


If your Large Macaw is lacking in energy then try out our energy boosting supplements on your bird. They stop your Parrot feeling listless and are particularly useful during stressful periods in your Large Macaw’s life.


Immune system boosters support your bird’s immune system, as their name suggests. They’ll benefit your Parrot’s natural defences whilst they’re ill and help them recover quicker.


Treatments and cures are a longer lasting solution to common illnesses Large Macaws like Green-winged Macaws suffer from.


During difficult times in their life some Macaws, particularly Blue and Gold Macaws, may feather pluck. You can help to deter feather plucking by spraying on our creams and treatments to the affected areas.


Other skin treatments soothe your Parrot’s skin, relieve irritation, condition feathers and cleanse your Large Macaw, making them look and feel a lot better.


Respiratory aids act fast to get rid of any catarrh that has built up in your bird’s throat and also act as a disinfectant.


There are also anti-pesticide treatments, to rid your Large Macaw of internal and external pesticides.


Parrots are natural prey animals so they don’t like to show any outward signs of illness, so you need to be able to spot any of the subtle signs. Unexpected increases or decreases in your Large Macaw’s weight might be the first sign. Weigh your bird on our scales (accurate to within one gram) to check this.


Administer any of the liquid supplements using our syringes.


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