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We have terrific savings on accessories from all the leading brands, manufacturers and suppliers, so you can save money every time you shop. We update our offers as often as possible, so keep clicking back to see what great deals are running.


Get your Parrot’s next perch at a price you can afford, as your bird can’t afford to miss out on their benefits, as perches exercise their feet and give your Parrot a safe place to rest inside their cage.


Over time feeding dishes can become worn, so when your Parrot’s feeding dish needs replacing, buy a bowl at a fabulous price you’ll love.


UV lights and lamps need replacing every 12 months, so when your year is up, come to us as we have the most affordable lamps on the market. It’s important your Parrot receives sufficient amount of UV light because it allows them to absorb Vitamin D3, which in turn lets them synthesise calcium though their skin or through a special process in their preening gland. Calcium is used by your bird to build strong bones and to produce eggs.


Our economical hideaways ensure your Parrot has a place to retreat to when they feel scared or threatened. But you won’t be running for the hills when you see the price, because they are extremely affordable. In the wild Parrots are prey animals and it’s natural for them to want a safe place to go to when they are nervous.


Our harnesses are listed at a competitive price. Teach your Parrot how to fly using a harness, which come in a range of sizes, and they’ll soon have increased self-confidence, better agility and get a boost to their intelligence.


Our cleaning products are often on sale too, letting you keep your Parrot’s environment clean and tidy at a reduced price. There are wipes, disinfectants and sprays that remove mess and droppings quickly and effectively.


Another way of keeping your bird’s cage clean is by using sand and sanded paper. Line the bottom of your bird’s cage with this practical paper and once the floor becomes too messy, simply remove the lining and replace it with a fresh sheet. Buy these at a reduced cost today.


Keep your Parrot looking and feeling clean with our baths and misters. Simply wash your bird in the bath or spray them with the misters to leave their skin in immaculate condition. These are available at rock bottom prices, so don’t miss out.


Finally, make sure you don’t miss out on our great prices for scales. These are accurate to within one gram and are perfect for keeping track of your Parrot’s weight.


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