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Vitapol Food includes the delicious flavours of treat sticks, which always come as a pair for double the fun.


The scrumptious flavours of Vitapol treat sticks include orange, kiwi, nut and strawberry. Each treat stick has been formulated for individual species of Parrot, so you’re assured that your bird is getting the right balance of nutrition that they need.


Give your Parrot the sticks as a treat between meals, as a positive reinforcement during training or just to show your Parrot how much you love them.


Vitapol’s seed mixes aim to make mealtimes interesting for your Parrot, with fruit and exotic mixes to tantalise your Parrot’s tastebuds.


Let’s not forget about the pasta and rice and fruit treats for your Parrot. These are full of carbohydrates to give your Parrot a good source of energy, as well as yummy fruits and peanuts for added nutritional value. Fruits have lots of vitamins that your Parrot uses to fight off diseases amongst other things, and peanuts are rich in antioxidants that prevent cell damage.


Treat your Parrot or bird to Vitapol Food today.