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We have supplements from the biggest brands and manufacturers in the avian industry. These work quickly and effectively to relieve your Eclectus Parrot of common illnesses and conditions. We do advise that you seek the advice of your vet if your Eclectus is unwell though.


As Parrots are prey animals in the wild, they prefer not to show any outward signs of illness, so you need to spot any subtle problems early and get them treated before they develop into something more serious.


Weighing your Parrot regularly is an excellent way of checking on your Eclectus Parrot’s health, because sudden increases or decreases in their weight may indicate a potential problem. Weigh your bird using our scales, accurate to within a gram.


Illness and emergency products are effective at supporting an Eclectus whilst they’re ill.


If your Eclectus is unfortunate enough to fall ill they may go off their food for a short time. If that’s the case, our emergency nutrition products supply them with important nutrients until they’re ready to start back on solid foods again.


Other supplements are multi-purpose and contain energy, immune support, probiotics, vitamins and minerals all in the one supplement.


Give your Parrot’s energy levels a boost using our energy boosting supplements. Our other types of boosters, immune system boosters, make your Eclectus Parrot’s immune system work more effectively and make them more prepared for fighting disease in the future.


Prebiotics and probiotics meanwhile work in your bird’s digestive system. Probiotics encourage the growth of good bacteria in the gut whilst prebiotics encouraging them to start developing in the first place and increase their effectiveness.


Every Eclectus needs the correct amounts of vitamins and minerals in their diet. But if you feel they aren’t receiving enough in their food, add the supplements to their food or water or hang in their cage instead. Some Eclectus vitamins and minerals come as part of a multi pack, whilst others are individually packed.


One such single supplement is liquid calcium that your Parrot needs to produce eggs and build strong bones. 


Measuring out how much supplement is easy thanks to our syringes and you can also use these syringes to feed baby birds.


Before baby birds are born prepare their Parrot parents with our breeding supplements. These supplements brings your Eclectus into breeding condition and gives the chicks vital nutrients they require to grow big and strong.


Finally there are treatments and cures to support your Eclectus. Something you don’t want growing on your Parrot is any pests such as lice, mites and fleas. With our anti-pest treatment you can eliminate these internal and external parasites quickly to ease your bird’s discomfort. All you need to do is apply the lotion onto your Eclectus Parrot’s back.


Other skin treatments soothe your bird’s skin, condition feathers, relieve irritation and clean your Parrot's skin. Some products reduce feather plucking and deters your Eclectus from picking at their skin and will do so in a rapid period of time.


Respiratory aids are just as fast acting. They remove catarrh from your bird’s throat and act as a disinfectant.


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