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However you choose to keep your Amazon Parrot entertained, we have hundreds of toys that will definitely keep your bird happy and stimulated. As no toy is completely Parrot proof, please ensure your Amazon Parrot is supervised when they are playing with their toys.


It is natural for your Amazon Parrot to want to spend many hours foraging for their next meal. So let your bird’s natural instincts take over and give your Amazon a chewable or reusable foraging toy to occupy their time and mind. The foraging toys are filled with delicious treats but your Amazon Parrot needs to work out exactly how to get to their reward.


Your Amazon will have to munch their way slowly through the chewable foraging toys, and finish the puzzle on the reusable foraging toys to reach their food. Chewable foraging toys offer lots of fun textures, these include but aren’t limited to coconut and cactus, wood and rope and willow and palm. Chewable toys are also great at helping to keep your bird’s beak healthy and trim.


Build your own toy with our toy-making parts so you have a toy that suits your Amazon Parrot perfectly. Use the pieces to construct your own Parrot toy or refurbish a toy your Amazon already has but no longer plays with, to make it fresh and exciting once again.


Amazon Parrots are very clever birds and need lots of stimulating toys to stop them becoming restless and bored. Swings and activity toys are another option to engage your bird. Amazon Parrots are excellent mimics, so teach your bird to speak words and phrases using our speech training devices. Other types of activity and trick toys can be used to teach your Amazon Parrot how to stack objects, learn colours and learn shapes. 


Swing and climbing toys are a valuable addition to your bird’s toy box; they promote your bird to be active and exercise through play.


Lightweight foot toys let your Parrot do two of their favourite things, chewing and exercise. Their relatively small weight and size ensures your Parrot can carry pick them up and hold them with their feet. This help to keep both your Amazon Parrot’s feet and beak exercised.


You won’t find a better collection of toys for your Amazon Parrot anywhere else online.