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Travel cages should be used when travelling with your bird so you can ensure your Parrot is safe, secure and happy. Travelling can be a stressful time for your bird, especially if they are new to travelling. Designed to be strong and light whilst being comfortable to carry, your travel cage has many features to help make life simple for you and not cause your Parrot any duress.


The large doors allows for easy access and some travel cages are even fitted with a patented bird proof lock and hidden magnets, which make sure the door doesn’t rattle in transit, so you can be sure your Parrot remains secure. Your bird's comfort is paramount and the inclusions of feeding dishes are fairly standard across all types of travel cages, as is a wooden perch so your bird can sit comfortably, rather than standing on a flat surface.


When you need to travel with your bird, let them travel in something practical and designed to meet their needs with our Parrot Carriers and Travel Cages.