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  • rio ara parrot cage

    Rio Ara Dome Top Parrot Cage

    • A large cage with useful features like lock and feeders
    • Has a secure lock
    • Sits on castors so easy to move
    • Suitable for Cockatoo and Lg Macaw
  • parrot double cage antique

    Double Parrot Cage - Antique

    • House two or more Parrots in this cage
    • Has a large front door, perch and more
    • Sits on castors so easy to move
    • Suitable for Cockatoo and Lg Macaw
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Providing the right diet for Large Macaws - such as the popular Blue & Gold Macaw, Green-winged Macaw and Military Macaw - is very important for their wellbeing.


There’s a superb collection of Large Macaw food, made specifically for the bigger bird, all available to order online for quick delivery. Choose from seed diets, pelleted diets, complete foods, fruits, nuts and so much more from top brands and trusted manufacturers, with many recommended by avian vets.


To compliment your Macaw's diet you can use treats, simply just to show how much you love your Macaw, or to add to their main food for increased variety, taste and texture, or as a training aid to reward your bird’s good behaviour. Providing a mixed and varied diet is the best option.


However, if your Macaw is a little fussy with their food, there are many supplements you can use to ensure your bird is getting all the vitamins and minerals they require.


A spacious cage designed for larger Parrots is ideal and provides a safe and secure home for your bird. Parrot play gyms and stands also provide your bird with a dedicated safe place they can play and exercise.


A fit and healthy Macaw is an active one so lots of things are needed to keep them entertained. Your Large Macaw requires plenty of toys and interaction on a regular basis to satisfy their inquisitive mind and destructive beak.


See the fun your Macaw has with chunky chewable and shreddable toys, marvel at their acrobatic skills on swings and activity toys and be amazed as they successfully locate their food from a foraging toy.


If you’re the owner of a Large Macaw, everything you and your bird need for a happy and fulfilling life together can be found here all in one place.