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Popular because of their small size and pleasant voice, Small Conures like the Green-cheeked Conure and Maroon-bellied Conure can make great companions.


These playful and fun-loving Parrots have lots of energy and just love to chew so make sure you provide them with a wide choice of materials to pick, preen and munch on. Even for their size Small Conures, like those from the Pyrhurra Conure family, are highly intelligent so provide them with plenty of activity and foraging type toys.


They also love socialising which is great as you can spend time together teaching skills such as colour recognition and numbers. Saying well done to your bird for their new found knowledge has never been easier; many Parrot treats are just the right size to use as training rewards.


Using positive reinforcement to train your Small Conure is a really effective way to teach your bird. Let your Small Conure enjoy a healthy and nutritious feast every day with a diet made up of complete and pelleted food, fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, plus the occasional treat, such as millet; a particular favourite of Small Conures.


To keep your Small Conure safe and secure, choose from a range of specially designed Parrot cages.


Accessorising your bird’s cage is loads of fun, we have bright and colourful toys, perches, feeding dishes and hideaways plus so much more. Just make sure you leave room for your bird to move freely!


So as you can see everything for your Small Conure is right here, all in one convenient place.