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Congo African Grey Parrots and their Timneh Grey cousins are highly intelligent, so your Grey needs lots of enriching toys and accessories to prevent them from becoming bored. There are hundreds of toys available for your African Grey to explore and enjoy playing with.


There are loads of toys for chewing made from a whole assortment of materials, plus lots of fantastic highly rated foraging based toys, great for keeping your African Grey entertained and mentally stimulated.


With the many available toy parts or a toy making kit you can build a toy especially for your bird using materials you know your African Grey loves.


Swings and activity toys allow you and your African Grey to spend time building an everlasting bond.


The more space in a cage you can give your African Grey to move around in, taking into account all their toys and accessories, the happier they’ll be, so pick the biggest one possible. But remember, the more time they spend with you outside the cage, the better.


One way to achieve this is to have a Parrot stand, available in many shapes and sizes from table top versions, to natural Java Tree types, to large metal stands with hoops and ladders. They all provide a dedicated safe place for your Parrot to play and exercise away from their cage.


Your African Grey needs a varied and healthy diet. There’s a massive selection of high quality seed diets, complete food and pelleted foods to choose from. Feeding a variety of these foods, alongside fruits, vegetables and sprouting seeds is key to a healthy Parrot.


If your African Grey is a fussy feeder, then help is at hand with a comprehensive range of supplements including vitamins and minerals you can add to either food or water.


For your breeding pair of African Greys there are a number of specialised breeder diets, plus hand rearing foods for your young Parrots to have the finest start in life.


As you can see from your Parrot's very first days you’ll find everything you need to enjoy a lifetime together.