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Java Parrot Stands are designed with your bird's well-being in mind, crafted from durable and natural Java wood sourced responsibly from Indonesia. These stands offer a sturdy and safe place for your Parrot to play, perch and rest.


The wood for each stand is carefully selected, debarked, sanded by hand, and then oven-baked to achieve a hard surface that's both smooth for your bird's feet and tough enough to withstand chewing.


With various sizes to fit any room, each stand rolls easily on castors, letting you find the sunny spot or quiet corner your Parrot loves best. They come ready with dishes for snack times and eye hooks for hanging toys, turning the stand into a centre of fun and discovery.


Beyond their practicality, Java Parrot Stands add a natural charm to your decor, blending the wild beauty of Java wood with the comfort of your living space.