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We have hundreds of accessories for you to choose from for your Large Macaw.


The more perches your Large Macaw has, the more places they have to rest and be at ease around your home and their cage. We have perches of all different lengths made from natural and strong materials, such as hardwood, rope and Manzanita, to keep your Parrot’s feet comfortable and well rested.


Another place that Large Macaws like to hang out on is a stand. Again these are made from sturdy materials that can have hanging toys or food dangling from them to keep your Parrot entertained.


Feeding dishes attach quickly onto the bars of your Parrot’s cage or playstand and are easy to clean. Store any excess food in a storage box.


If your Large Macaw doesn’t receive enough UV light in their life they won’t be able to produce calcium. That’s because having large amounts of UV light allows your Parrot to synthesise Vitamin D3 in the preening gland or through the skin, which in turn helps your bird metabolise calcium. There are lamps, lights and bulbs to provide UV to your Parrot.


Hideaways are the perfect place for your Large Macaw to disappear from view for a while, perhaps when they feel scared or threatened. It must be difficult for your Parrot if they want to retreat but have nowhere to go. Large Macaw hideaways are warm, cosy and very roomy inside, so that your bird feels secure in their space.


Teaching your Large Macaw to fly safely increase their self-confidence, improves their coordination and encourages them to become more active. If you are using a harness or flight line during the lesson your bird can’t escape, but still master the art of flying.


During training, try a training clicker as reinforcement for positive behaviours your Large Macaw demonstrates.


Your Parrot is going to be reluctant to return to their cage after a flying lesson if it is messy and uninviting. Use our cleaning products and disinfectant to maintain a high standard of hygiene in your Large Macaw’s cage. There are sprays, wipes, brushes, clean up liquids, disinfectants and water purifiers to clean their cage that efficiently and effectively remove droppings, food debris, mess and dirt from their cage.


Use cage liner roll or sand to line the floor of the cage and once they become dirty, simply remove then and replace with fresh sheets.


Your Large Macaw needs to be sprayed regularly too, ideally once a day. For a quick wash, use a bird mister to cool and bathe your feathered friend.


As Parrots are prey animals they don’t like to show any outward symptoms of illness, so you need to be able to spot any subtle signs of something wrong with your bird. Sudden increases or decreases in your Large Macaw’s weight can be the first early signs of your Parrot being ill. Weigh them on our scales, accurate to within one gram.


Use a syringe to administer any liquid supplements to your bird.


Learn everything you possibly can about your Large Macaw by studying a DVD. These contain useful tips on Parrot behaviour, nutrition, training and lots more.


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