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Encourage your Budgerigar to take their supplements on a regular basis so they stay fit and well throughout their life. Please remember though to seek the advice of a vet immediately if you suspect your Budgie is unwell.


As Parrots are prey animals they don’t like to show any outward signs of illness. So weigh them regularly on the scales (accurate to within one gram) to spot whether they’ve put on or lost any weight.


There is selection of products for Budgie chicks and their Parronts with our breeder products.


Administer liquid supplements to baby birds or Parrots that are unwell using a syringe. Other products for baby birds are Pro-Boost, that helps baby Budgerigars get into condition faster and gives young fledglings essential vitamins and minerals they need to grow feathers and grow in size.


If your Budgie is unfortunate enough to fall ill, we have illness and emergency supplements to aid their recovery straight away by giving them a much needed boost. Energy boosting supplements ensure your Budgie starts feeling active again, just like any Parrot should be, and immune system boosters stimulate your bird’s body in times of illness.


There are also food replacement and emergency nutrition supplements if your Budgerigar is off their food and gets them enjoying a well-balanced diet once again.


Prebiotics and probiotics work in your Budgie’s gut. Probiotics help maintain high levels of healthy bacteria in the gut and prebiotics encourage these good bacterias to grow in the first place.


Treatments and cures are also useful to have in your birdie medicine cabinet too.


Respiratory aids improve your Parrot’s breathing by removing catarrh and act as a disinfectant and antibacterial agent


.Look after your Budgie’s feathers throughout their life by applying our feather conditioning treatment to improve the look and shine of your bird’s plumage.


Sometimes a Budgie’s skin can become irritated through no fault of their own, for example through mites or lice. Quickly treat these using our fast acting, effective treatments and ease your Budgie’s discomfort.


The importance of Vitamin D3 to your Budgerigar cannot be underestimated. Vitamin D3 allows your bird to synthesise calcium, which is used in egg production and to build strong bones. Parrots absorb Vitamin D3 using UV light but you can top up how much they receive by adding liquid supplements of D3 to their diet.


There are supplements containing many other vital vitamins too, some on their own and some as part of a multi vitamin. See the details section of each pack for the exact vitamins within them.


Other supplements contain high quantities of Omega 3, which is used by your Budgie to maintain a healthy heart, brain and muscles.


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