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We have hundreds of Eclectus Toys to choose from, so your Eclectus Parrot stays physically and mentally active. Please supervise your Eclectus when they are playing with any of these exciting toys at all times.


Our Eclectus Toys come in so many different materials. There are the strong and almost indestructible acrylic and metal toys, to the more chewable coconut and cactus, willow and palm, wood and rope and cardboard and paper toys. Many Parrots like to use any toy that has soft cotton rope for preening, as well as chewing.


Musical Parrot toys arguably make the most ear pleasing noise of all to your Eclectus. Show them how to ring the larger bells so they can chime happily away as your bird plays with their toys. Other musical toys rattle and jingle as your Eclectus plays with them.


If you and your Eclectus are the creative type, then you’ll love our toy-making parts. There are so many different components to build your Parrot’s new toy with, like beads, rope, cowbells, balls, wheels leather strips, quicklinks, slats, plastic chains, spools and lolly sticks. If you’d prefer not to build a toy from scratch, then add these parts to a toy your Eclectus already plays with. Many parts are brightly coloured to make them visually appealing to your bird.


Foraging toys are some of the most enriching that you can buy for your Parrot, as foraging is an activity they’d do naturally in the wild. Eclectus Parrots don’t want their food presented to them in a feeding dish; they want to go looking for their next meal in a foraging toy, to keep their minds active.


There are two styles of foraging toy to choose from for your Eclectus Parrot, chewable or reusable. Chewable means your bird has to chew their way through different layers to get to the prize hidden inside.


Reusable foraging toys are even more puzzling still because your Eclectus will need to move, twist and manipulate the toys to get to their prize. Once your Eclectus has reached their reward, simply refill the toy with more treats so your Parrot’s fun can continue at a later time. There are foraging Parrot toys with easy tasks to solve, to foraging toys that are more difficult to really get your Eclectus thinking.


Foot toys are also chew toys. These lightweight toys are small enough for your Eclectus to hold and move them with their feet or beak, Chewing helps beaks and nails stay trim and healthy, as well as giving your Parrot a birdie workout!


Swings and activity Parrot toys are a fabulous way for your Eclectus to stay active in a fun way. Let your bird fly or climb up the ladders or activity walls and rock on the swingers, bouncing perches or trapezes.


Activity toys exercise your bird’s brain and body. Teach your feathered friend to talk using our speech training devices, help your Eclectus to identify shapes, colours and numbers and more.


In our toy packs, you’ll find our personally chosen selection of toys for your Eclectus, with a range of chewable toys, foot toys and more.


So as you can see, there are so many toys to pick from for your Eclectus to play with. Buy the next wonderful toy for your Eclectus right here.