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Looking for engaging Cockatoo toys? You're in luck! We offer a diverse range of toys guaranteed to keep your Cockatoo entertained, whether inside or outside their cage.


Our diverse range includes foraging toys that encourage cognitive skills development as your Cockatoo seeks out hidden treasures, alongside foot toys designed to promote natural behaviours like chewing and exploration, contributing to overall nail and jaw health.


With an assortment of textures such as coconut, cactus, willow and more, our toys cater to every Cockatoo's chewing instincts, ensuring hours of engagement and satisfaction.


For energetic Cockatoos, our selection of durable acrylic and metal toys are the perfect solution, offering durability and long-lasting entertainment.


Additionally, our shreddable toys provide engaging activities, allowing your Cockatoo to indulge in satisfying shredding behaviours while keeping mentally stimulated. 


Discover the perfect Cockatoo toy to enhance your feathered friend's well-being and enjoyment, and ensure to supervise playtime for safety and maximum fun.