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  • zupreem garden mix

    ZuPreem Real Rewards 6oz Garden Mix Small Parrot Treat

    • A treat made with tasty vegetable and more
    • The resealable bag ensures food stays fresh
    • Hide in foraging toys for your Parrot to find
    • Suitable for Caique, Cockatiel, Conure and more

Keep your Small Conure’s diet healthy and interesting with our tasty Small Conure Food.


Complete foods are arguably one of the most important foods your Small Conure can enjoy because they provide your Small Conure with all the vitamins, minerals and essential elements they require every day in their daily diet.


Complete food is definitely fun and interesting for your Parrot as it is so many different colours, shapes, textures, flavours and tastes. Its other benefit is that very little waste is created, unlike other diets (particularly seed diets), so cleaning up after feeding your Small Conure, including the popular Green-cheeked Conure, needn’t be a problem ever again.


Although like all Parrots, Small Conures such as Nanday Conures, should go foraging for their food as much as possible, having a constant supply of fresh food in their cage is important too. We have lots of stainless steel and plastic feeding dishes for adult birds, along with syringes for feeding baby Parrots.


There is a great choice of other types of treats too, all in a magnificent selection of colours, flavours and shapes your Small Conure will love. Treats can be loose or hanging, depending on how much of a challenge you want your Parrot to have. They are also surprisingly healthy for your bird too, as treats can be fruits, nuts and lots more.


Seed and seed mixes are an excellent choice for your Small Conure because many have been enriched with fruits, nuts, vitamins, minerals and vegetables or a combination of these. Seed has a high or low sunflower content, depending on your Parrot’s preferences, and are pellet supported. This has led to veterinarians recommending a good proportion of the seed mixes available.


Breeding and handfeeding food takes superb care of both Parrot parents and their chicks. Egg food and breeding food ensures your breeding Small Conure, like Maroon-bellied Conures, stays fit and healthy when raising their offspring.


Handfeed helps baby Parrots get the best possible start in life and ensure they receive crucial vitamins, minerals and nutrients so they develop into strong and healthy adults.


Remember that although no handfeed can ever be as good as what Small Conure parents can provide, it is a suitable alternative.


Store all of these foods together in a practical storage box. We have three sizes available, small, medium and large, and all of them have a tight seal so any unwanted pests and sunlight can’t get into them and all the lovely aromas and flavours stay locked inside the box.


You’ve come to the right place for the biggest selection of Small Conure Food.