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These supplements leave your Canary or Finch feeling well again very quickly. There are supplements from the biggest brands and manufacturers in the avian industry so your bird is in safe hands. Some supplements you apply to your bird’s skin and others you add to their diet.


Weighing your Canary or Finch regularly on the scales means you’ll spot any sudden increases or decreases in your bird’s weight, which could be the first signs of illness. Parrots are prey animals in the wild and don’t like to show any outward signs of something being wrong.


Another way to take care of your bird’s beak is by giving them cuttlefish bone. This is not only a source of calcium which your Canary or Finch uses to build strong bones and produce eggs, it also trims their beak to a shorter, healthier length.


There are other vitamins and mineral supplements for your Canary or Finch. Some are individual vitamins whilst others are part of a multi vitamin pack. Omega 3 supplements are arguably one of the most beneficial supplements for your bird because it helps them maintain a healthy heart, muscles and brain.


Mineral grit breaks down your bird’s food and provides them with a source of calcium.


We have highly effective treatments and cures to use on your Canary or Finch.


If your Canary or Finch is suffering from lice or other related problems in their skin then you can quickly use our insecticide treatments to get rid of them and then keep the bugs away for a significant period of time. Other skin care products soothe irritated areas and help your Canary or Finch look and feel a lot better.


Illness and emergency are useful to have around when your bird is ill. Prebiotics and probiotics target your Canary or Finch’s stomach, as probiotics encourage the growth of good bacteria in the gut whilst prebiotics make probiotics grow in the first place.


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