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We have the biggest choice of Small Macaw Accessories in the country, so if you’re looking for the next great accessory for your Small or Mini Macaw, you’ve come to the right place.


One of the most important accessories you can buy for your Small Macaw is a new perch. All perches exercise your Parrot’s feet and are strong enough to hold their weight, as many are made from tough wood and rope. There are even special perches for when your Small Macaw wants to be by a window or perch.


Hand rearing baby Parrots such as baby Noble Macaws can be tricky, but you can measure out hand feed or liquid supplements for young birds with a syringe.


Check on their progress by weighing them regularly on the scales. These are accurate to within one gram and can then be used at any stage of your Small Macaw’s life. Increases or decreases in their weight could be the early signs of illness. As Parrots are natural prey animals, they don’t like to show any outward symptoms that they’re ill.


Another natural instinct of Parrots such as Hahns Macaws is foraging. They enjoy the mental stimulation they get from looking for food and then eating it. As a result you need to place lots of food in a foraging toy for your bird to find, as well as having a plentiful supply of fresh food and water in a feeding dish for when they need it.


It’s almost guaranteed that your Small or Mini Macaw will want to start to fly. They can start to spread their wings safely in a harness or flightline, without you worrying they’ll escape. Flying makes your Parrot fitter, gives their IQ a boost, increases their self confidence and improves their co-ordination skills.


After the lesson, your Small Macaw can relax in a soft and warm hideaway. Hideaways are in either a tent, blanket or hut style, but all are a cosy place for them to unwind.Some Parrots like to use hideaways when they feel scared or threatened. In the wild they like to retreat to dense foliage when they feel nervous, so if they don’t have a place to disappear from view for a while when kept as companion birds it must be difficult for them.


It’s a worthwhile but often challenging process training your Small or Mini Macaw. A training clicker can act as a positive reinforcement, as well as treats, whilst you are modifying your Parrot’s behaviour, so learn how to use the clickers correctly.


Feeding dishes are stainless steel or plastic and securely fasten onto the bars of your Parrot’s cage or playstand. They are simple to clean, great news if your Small Macaw is particularly messy!


After mealtimes are over, store all your bird’s food away in a storage box that keeps your Parrot’s food out of reach of pests, sunlight and moisture too.


It’s not just your Parrot’s cage and water you can keep clean, try one of our bird misters out on your Small Macaw. Spray them gently with the blast of cold water to encourage them to bathe.


Choose from hundreds of Small Macaw Accessories right here.