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Your Cockatiel is going to have plenty of fun engaging with our brilliant accessories. Keeping your Cockatiel fit and healthy is one of the best things you can do for your bird. We have plenty of Cockatiel Accessories to support you.


Like to spend even more time with your feathered companion outside of your home? Then you need a Parrot harness. They’re strong, safe and escape proof. Learning to fly can help your little Parrot increase their self-confidence and it keeps them active and healthy.


Selecting the right perches not only means they are comfortable for your bird to use, they help keep their feet well exercised. Plus sanded perches help to keep your Cockatiel’s nails trim.


Bathing your Cockatiel helps keep them clean. Misters produce a fine spray and shower perches allow your Cockatiel to safely perch whilst enjoying the warm mist from your shower.


Special avian lights are available to help your Cockatiel receive sufficient amounts of UVA and UVB, crucial to any bird’s wellbeing. Without it your bird is virtually colour blind and can’t synthesise Vitamin D3, which helps your Parrot to metabolise calcium, for strong bones and egg production. 


Birds are natural prey animals, as such they retreat to somewhere safe when they feel scared. Hideaways provide your Cockatiel with a warm, comfortable place to disappear from view for a while. They come in a variety of styles so you can be sure to find the perfect one for your bird.


Another characteristic of prey animals such as your Cockatiel is they don’t like to show any outward signs of illness or weakness. Therefore, you need to check for any subtle signs your Cockatiel exhibits.


Weighing your Cockatiel regularly helps to check on their health, as increases or decreases can be a symptom of illness. Special scales designed for birds are accurate to within one gram and they have a bowl for weighing baby birds in. If you’re concerned about the health of your bird you should seek medical advice from an avian veterinarian.


If you need to administer any medication or measure out supplements, you’ll find using a syringe makes life easy. Maintaining your bird’s environment is important.


Their cage, stand and play gym should be kept in good condition and cleaned regularly. Take a look at this range of cleaning products and disinfectants to help you make light work of your Cockatiel’s mess. Cover the floor of the cage with cage liner paper or bird sand, these are simple and quick to use.


Every Cockatiel needs feeding dishes in their cage, topped up with food for when they tire of foraging and to provide a supply of fresh clean water. Take a look at our fantastic range, many are designed to reduce or prevent excessive mess.


Use one of the small, medium or large storage boxes to make sure your Cockatiel's food and treats are always fresh and full of flavour.


To help keep your bird's drinking water fresh and clean use a water purifier. These are particularly useful if you have a number of Cockatiels using an outdoor flight or aviary.


We have accessories for you to enjoy too, take time to watch a Parrot DVD and be entertained by their contents.


Choose from a wonderful selection of Cockatiel Accessories right here.