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All our supplements work quickly to target the affected area of your Caique.


Treatments and cures work on different areas of your Caique’s body. Many of them can be administered with one of our three sizes of syringe.


Keeping your Caique’s skin in good condition is important, so that their plumage stays lovely and bright and their feathers looking and feeling healthy. We have sprays that soothe dry and itchy skin, condition feathers, encourage a shiner plumage and even prevent feather plucking and moulting. Your Caique’s skin has never looked so good!


Some skin treatments have the added benefit of acting as a treatment for mites and lice, which are sure to make your Parrot feel a lot more comfortable again.


But for a designated product that gets rid of lice and bugs choose our anti-parasite treatments. They remove external parasites like fleas and ticks and also internal parasites such as ringworm. These are fast acting to quickly eliminate these unwanted visitors.


Spray a respiratory aid such as Wheeze-Eeze in front of your bird’s face and let them breathe in the mist to loosen cataarh and other anti-bacterial effects.


Adding vitamin and mineral supplements to you Caique’s diet is a good way of ensuring they are receiving all the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that they require in their daily diet. We have multi vitamins that provide a host of vitamins your Parrot needs in a powdered or liquid format. Add them to water or mix with food.


Caiques must ensure they receive the right amounts of minerals too. Your Parrot can enjoy minerals such as calcium, iodine and other trace elements just by chewing on a simple mineral block. Hang it near your bird’s cage so they have constant access to it throughout the day.


Calcium and Vitamin D3 are essential requirements for all birds to build a strong beak and bones.


Illness and emergency products support your Caique when they’re not feeling 100%. Guardian Angel has a wide variety of immune support, vitamins and pre and probiotics, but you can purchase these separately if you prefer.


Immune system boosters support your Parrot’s natural defences during times of illness. Energy boosters provide them with a much appreciated energy boost when they’re unwell.


Prebiotics increase the numbers of probiotics found in your Caique’s stomach and boost how effective they are at maintaining your bird’s healthy gut.


Not forgetting about emergency nutrition supplements, that you can give your Caique when they won’t eat anything else.


Check on your bird’s weight regularly with our scales, as unexpected increases or decreases in their weight can be the first signs of illness.


Caique breeder products support parents and their chicks. Pro-Boost helps adults pass on the nutrients their chick needs.


Remember, as with all Parrots, please seek the advice of a vet if you suspect your Caique is unwell.


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