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All of our Quaker Toys keep your bird happy and entertained for a long time.


Quakers, like all Parrots, need to be supervised when they are playing with toys. Quaker Toys are in bright colours to attract your bird's attention and have hangers and links to fix the toy onto your Parrot's cage or playstand.


Chewable and reusable are the two types of foraging toy available. Foraging is very important to your Quaker, because in the wild they’d spend a lot of time searching for their next meal. When kept as companion animals they should always have large amounts of their favourite food ready for them in their feeding dish. If they aren’t given foraging opportunities, your Quaker may become bored and start showing unwanted behaviours like feather picking.


Both styles of foraging toy already come with treats and materials hidden inside for your Quaker to find. There are foraging toys with simpler puzzles to solve, up to more difficult foraging tasks to really get your bird thinking.


Refill the reusable foraging toys with delicious treats for your Quaker to retrieve again and again.


With chewable foraging toys, your Quaker or Monk Parakeet needs to chew, shred and tear their way through the toy to locate their goodies inside.


Encourage your Parrot to get stuck into the beak-wateringly good textures our Quaker toys are made from. These are wood and rope, sisal, leather, cardboard and paper, coconut and cactus and willow and palm.Acrylic and metal toys are tough enough to withstand your Quaker’s destructive playtime.


Shreddable toys are frequently built using cardboard and paper, to make them as easy as possible for your Quaker to shred. The delightful ripping sound as the toys are slowly shredded is adored by most Parrots.


But it is bells and musical toys that really capture your Parrot’s imagination. Demonstrate to your Quaker first how to get the music playing, then they can choose which tune to play and when. Quakers can ring the bell or have it chime happily in the background as they play with other toys.


Small foot toys are the perfect size and weight for your Quaker to carry around in their beak or feet. Foot toys keep your bird’s feet well exercised and their beak healthy and trim.


To continue your Parrot’s workout, buy them a swing and climbing toy. Let your Quaker explore the climbing wall, bridge, ladder or swing from the safe environment of their cage.To really enhance your Quaker’s environment give them one of our activity and trick toys. Your bird learns a new skill which could be basketball. distinguishing colours and numbers and more. Spend time with your feathered friend teaching them their new hobby and cement the bond between you both. Your Quaker gets a lot of mental stimulation from this too.


Spend even more time with your Quaker or Monk Parakeet building your own toy with our toy-making parts. Use the blocks, beads, links, rope, balls and wheels to construct a toy bespoke for your Parrot or attach them to existing toys so that the toy captures your bird's interest once again.


Remember, the more toys your Quaker has to play with, the more enriched your bird’s life will be. That’s why we have put together a selection of toy packs with over half a dozen toys or toy parts to entertain your Parrot. Rotate the toys and don’t give them to your Quaker all at once so their enjoyment lasts longer.


Fill your Quaker’s toy box with one of our fun toys right here.