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Your Small Conure always needs to have food available in a feeding dish too for the occasions they don’t feel like foraging.


Keep all your Small Conure’s food together in either a small, medium or large storage box. They all have a tight seal that keeps food fresh and stops moisture, sunlight and pests from getting to food.


Syringes allow you to handfeed baby birds and administer liquid supplements when required.


During the day time when your Small Conure wants to get away from the world for a while supply them with a hideaway, in either a tent, sack, blanket or hut style. These are incredibly warm and fleecy inside so are the perfect place for your Parrot to withdraw too.


Make sure that your Small Conure gets sufficient amounts of UV light using our bird lights and lamps. Parrots use UV light to synthesise Vitamin D3 through a process in the preening gland and in the skin. Your bird can’t use calcium without Vitamin D3 so it’s vital they get high amounts of it. Calcium is needed to produce eggs and build strong bones.


Training your Parrot in good behaviours is useful for their wellbeing too. Training clickers can act as a positive reinforcement.


Take the time to research Parrot behaviour techniques before embarking on a training programme by watching a DVD about Small Conures.


Every Parrot needs a perch or three to rest on when they’re indoors. Our tough perches are manufactured using a range of materials including manzanita and hardwood. All perches help to keep your Parrot’s feet well exercised.


See if this exercise is having an effect on your Small Conure’s weight by weighing them on our scales. They are accurate to within one gram so you can identify increases or decreases in your Parrot’s weight.


Your feathered friend can fly outside safely in one of our harnesses or flight lines. Flying gives your bird better coordination, increased self-confidence and higher levels of fitness.


It’s really simple to keep the inside of your Small Conure’s cage free from mess. Cover the floor of the cage with cage liner paper roll so that any mess is collected on them, but is removed quickly when it becomes too untidy. Cut the paper down to the size you want.


The rest of the cage is effectively cleaned too using our cleaning products and disinfectant. There’s wipes to run over surfaces and sprays, liquids and brushes that absorb mess and droppings quickly.


Use a mister to give your feathered friend a quick spray.


There’s s no need to go anywhere else for your Small Conure Accessories, find them all right here.