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Find the right food from a selection of healthy and nutritious daily diets made especially with your Budgerigar in mind.


There is a brilliant range of high quality seeds, complete foods and pelleted diets for you to choose from, so you’re sure to find a tasty and satisfying food your Budgie appreciates.


There’s a variety of tasty treats available too made with fruit, vegetables, nuts, millet, biscuit, pasta and rice. It’s never been easier to show your companion just how much you care about them.


Keep your Budgie’s mind active with the wonderful selection of toys. Your feathered friend can be entertained inside and outside their cage with a lovely selection of toys for chewing, plus musical toys, ladders, climbing frames and hanging toys.


You’ll need a big cage for all your bird’s fun toys and essential accessories, so take a peek at the impressive range of cages available. There are even travel cages for when you need to transport your Budgerigar safely.


Whatever you need for your pet Budgie you’ll find it right here.