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Whatever style of Lovebird Cage you’re looking for, you’ll find the perfect one for you, your bird and your home here.


Lovebirds, like most Parrots, enjoy spending time outside their cage. When they do need to be in their cage it’s important to ensure they have as much room as possible, so buy them the biggest cage you can house; room inside is quickly taken up by perches, feeders and toys.


You can choose from top opening Lovebird cages, where the roof sections open out and can be held with a perch, perfect for your Lovebird to perch on and look out at the world around them. It also leaves plenty of room for your bird to fly in and out of their cage to access food and fresh water.


Play top Lovebird cages (often referred to as gym top cages) provide an additional space for your bird to play and exercise without an additional stand or play gym taking up more room in your home. Fill the play area with lots of fun toys for your bird to play with.


Popular solid top Lovebird cages tend to have a flat or domed shaped roof. They are generally more secure.


Whether you opt for a large aviary styled cage to house a number of Lovebirds, or a smaller cage for one or two birds, you’ll find many of the same well thought out features, including swingout feeder doors, metal cups, seeds catchers, large doors for easy access, pull out trays and grilles, wheels or castors, some even have a breeder door you can remove to fit a nest box.


Pick from our excellent choice of Lovebird Cages right here.