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We work with all the major suppliers and manufacturers to bring you the best possible price for your Parrot’s next cage.


We hold sales very regularly, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for at the moment keep checking back. It could be you’re looking for a high quality play top cage at a reduced cost. Play top cages have an additional area at the top of the cage for your bird to play on, perfect if space is at a premium elsewhere in your home.


There are constant savings to be had on play top cages. Open top cages also have an extra area to play at the top of the cage and a large opening at the top of the cage which your Parrot can fly in and out of to access food and water whenever they like.


We regularly have offers on open top Parrot cages. Perhaps you’d like discounts on a solid top Parrot cage instead. Solid top cages don’t have any additional areas or openings for your bird, making them very secure.


You'll find the most inexpensive price for your bird's solid top cage here. Or maybe you and your Parrot are going away together, and you want an affordable cage that leaves more change left over in your holiday fund.


We have travel cages and backpacks that have all the features of a regular sized cage, such as feeders and perches, at low prices.


If you’re the owner of a small bird such as a Budgie or Canary you’ll probably want to ensure you pay a small price for their small cage. We have Budgie and Canary cages at wonderful prices.


We have amazing deals and prices on all the accessories you require for your Parrot’s cage too, such as cage liner paper, feeding dishes and hanging toys.


Choose from a wide range of Parrot Cage Special Offers right here.