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All the supplements you need for your Amazon Parrot’s medicine cabinet are right here. As Parrots are prey animals they don’t like to show any outward signs of illness, and so knowing the early signs of illness is very important to make sure a problem doesn’t develop into something more serious and become more difficult to treat.


Weighing your Amazon Parrot regularly on scales is a good starting point because sudden increases or decreases in their weight may be the first symptoms of something not quite right.


There are plenty of supplements which act on your Amazon Parrot’s feathers. Some make their feathers shinier, some make the feathers grow quicker and other supplements clean the feathers.


Feather plucking is an occasional problem for Parrots. Our treatments help ease your Amazon’s discomfort and reduce the amount of feather picking they do. If your Amazon Parrot is unfortunate enough to develop mites or lice, you can quickly get rid of them by applying the correct supplement.


Prebiotics and probiotics are very useful for all Parrots. Probiotics increase the numbers of good bacteria in your bird’s gut and prebiotics encourage them to grow in the first place. Your bird’s digestion will improve after taking these.


Respiratory aids help your Parrot breathe better if they're experiencing any breathing difficulties.


Give your Amazon Parrot a boost of either energy or nutrition and give their immune system a helping wing with our illness and emergency products. Emergency nutrition provide your Parrot with nutrients if they aren’t able to take solid foods, energy supplements give your bird’s energy levels a lift and immune system boosters stimulate your Amazon’s immune system.


Breeding supplements support your Amazon Parrot when they are raising chicks. It gives them, and their chicks, the vital vitamins, minerals and elements they require to stay healthy and strong during this difficult period in their lives. 


There are syringes to administer hand feeding food with too.


There are lots of vitamins and minerals available for your Amazon Parrot. Some supplements contain just the one important vitamin whilst others have several vitamins inside them. Omega 3, an important element found in many of the supplements, helps your Amazon Parrot maintain a healthy heart, brain and muscles.


Another supplement, liquid calcium and Vitamin D3, helps your feathered friend build strong bones and produce eggs.


Remember to seek the advice of a vet if you suspect your Parrot is unwell.


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