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  • rio ara parrot cage

    Rio Ara Dome Top Parrot Cage

    • A large cage with useful features like lock and feeders
    • Has a secure lock
    • Sits on castors so easy to move
    • Suitable for Cockatoo and Lg Macaw
  • parrot double cage antique

    Double Parrot Cage - Antique

    • House two or more Parrots in this cage
    • Has a large front door, perch and more
    • Sits on castors so easy to move
    • Suitable for Cockatoo and Lg Macaw
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Cockatoos, including commonly kept species such as the Umbrella Cockatoo, Moluccan Cockatoo and the Sulphur-crested Cockatoo, are intelligent birds and needs lots to keep them mentally and physically occupied to prevent boredom.


Toys are a great way to help keep your Cockatoo entertained and providing a variety of toys, such as those for chewing, shredding, picking, preening, swinging and foraging, help to keep your bird's mind stimulated and body active.


Through the activity of play comes the essential activity of foraging. Placing your Cockatoo's daily diet, treats or favourite materials into foraging reward based toys can really help prevent boredom.


Whether your Cockatoo prefers a seed or complete diet, of which you’ll find many available, from all the top selling brands, they can all be used in a variety of foraging toys.


There’s a huge range of Parrot treats available too, add them to your bird’s diet for increased variety, and use them as a training aid to reward your bird for their good behaviour, or use them in foraging toys.


Cockatoos have powerful beaks so a good quality strong cage is required to keep your bird safe and secure when they aren’t allowed out.


When your bird has to spend time inside their cage you can kit it out with many different accessories including a variety of perches, feeding dishes (including ones which lock into place), hideaways and special UV bird lights.


With all this and so much more available for quick delivery, you and your Cockatoo can simply spend time enjoying each other company, safe in the knowledge Northern Parrots have everything you need, whenever you need it.