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Our premium Cockatiel Food selection is tailored to fulfil the specific nutritional needs of your Cockatiel, ensuring a balanced and healthy diet. From organic food options like TOP's Parrot Food to specially formulated seed mixes and complete pelleted diets, we provide all the essential nutrients your feathered friend requires. 

Lafeber NutriBerries are very popular choice, availble in a range of flavours including tropical. 

Soaking mixes are a nutritious meal option and we stock a variety of treats to complement your Cockatiel's daily intake. Reinforce good behaviour with treats and be sure to offer them in foraging toys to keep your Cockatiel mentally stimulated. 

Despite the importance of foraging, you still need to keep your Cockatiel’s feeding dish topped up with some food and water.

For breeding Cockatiels our specially designed handfeed foods support the parents and their chicks, maintaining optimal health. 

For more avice and inspiration try our Cockatiel Feeding Guide. Enjoy!