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Dive into our extensive collection of Caique accessories designed to amplify the fun and well-being of your feathered friend.


Spoil your Caique with specially designed shower perches for a refreshing and enjoyable clean.


Our range of cosy hideaways, from tents to warm snuggle huts, offers the perfect escape for rest and privacy.


Take playtime to the next level with our versatile Parrot stands, equipped with feeders and engaging toys. We also offer a variety of perches featuring different textures and lengths to ensure your Caique's feet stay healthy and stimulated.


For those adventurous spirits, a secure Parrot harness allows for confident and safe exploration outdoors.


Meal times are a breeze with our durable feeding dishes, ensuring your Caique has constant access to nutritious food and fresh water. 


Explore our selection of Caique accessories and find everything you need to enrich your Caique's life.