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You and your Caique are going to have lots of fun trying out our accessories. We have accessories from all the major brands and manufacturers.


Parrots are hygienic animals and love to keep clean. Just be careful you don’t get splashed. There is a specially designed shower perch for your bird to stand on as they shower, that’s easy to fit into your bathroom.


For Parrots, it must be really difficult if you have nowhere to retreat to when you feel upset. However if you buy one of our hideaways then your Caique will have a safe, warm place to hide in for a little while. They are very warm inside and are brightly coloured to attract your Caique’s attention. Styles of hideaway available include tents, blankets and snuggle huts.


As Parrots are prey animals in the wild, their natural instinct is to not show any signs of illness and injury, so you need to be aware of even the slightest thing wrong with your Caique.


Increases or decreases in your Caique’s weight is sometimes the first sign of illness, therefore you need to weigh them regularly to check on their weight. We have scales accurate to within one gram and these have a bowl for weighing baby Caiques in too.


Please seek the advice of a vet immediately if your Caique is unwell. 


Perches are cut into a myriad of lengths and textures, such as cotton, manzanita and rope and no Caique cage is complete without one or three. You can even twist some of them into the shape you want for your Caique’s cage. Perches keep your Parrot’s feet well exercised and their nails short and healthy.


Teaching your Caique to fly is easily one of the most important skills you can teach them. You’ll give your feathered friend more self confidence, better coordination and increase their sociability and intelligence levels. Using a Parrot harness on your bird as they are learning to fly helps you stay in control of your Caique throughout the lesson.


Caiques also spend a significant portion of their day eating. Although your Caique needs lots of foraging opportunities, they should always have a supply of delicious food and fresh water ready to eat and drink too. Fill a feeding dish up with some tasty treats for your bird to enjoy. Feeding dishes have clips that allow you to fasten them onto the bars of your Parrot’s cage or play stand. They are made from durable stainless steel or plastic, making them easy to clean.


After feeding your Caique, put all their food away in one of our storage boxes. They have a tight seal so food stays fresher for longer.


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