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Vitakraft Food for Parrots is a healthy choice for your Parrot’s diet as they contain all natural ingredients.


Much of the Parrot food and seed Vitakraft produce has been specially formulated to contain ingredients that the Parrot species it caters for tucks into in the wild. For example, for Amazon Parrots there’s papaya and chilli pods which Parrots would find in the rainforest and for African Grey Parrots there’s figs and cucumber seeds that they eat in the African savannah.


There’s millet seed, an excellent source of magnesium, silica and phosphorus, which are used in your Parrot’s nervous system, nails, skin and tendons.


Your Parrot can enjoy the Parrot seed diets or treats from their cage, using the hangers on the food that securely clips the treats to the bars.


Use the treats as a positive reinforcement during training, or alternatively just to show your Parrot how much you love them.


There are a variety of flavours of Vitakraft treat sticks too, with two sticks in every pack for double the fun for your Parrot.


Make Vitakraft Food part of your Parrot’s mealtimes.