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Discover an extensive selection of stimulating toys crafted specifically for Eclectus Parrots, ensuring your feathered friend remains active and engaged.


Foraging and foot toys provide mental and physical stimulation, mimicking natural behaviours while promoting beak and nail health. Swings, climbing toys and shreddable options add variety to play sessions, encouraging physical activity and providing auditory and sensory stimulation.


Explore a diverse range of materials in our toy collection, from durable acrylic and metal to chewable coconut, cactus, willow, palm, wood, rope, cardboard and paper.


Musical toys add pleasing sounds while toy-making parts allow customization or enhancement. Activity and trick toys offer both mental and physical exercise, including speech-training devices for language development.


Our carefully curated toy packs offer a convenient selection of chewable toys, foot toys, and more, ensuring that finding the perfect toy for your Eclectus is effortless and enjoyable.


With our toys, your Eclectus will thrive mentally and physically, fostering a happy and healthy bond between you and your bird.