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  • 6 quick links

    Quick Links Parrot Toy Making Parts Pack of 6

    • Quick links you can use to fasten toys to cages
    • Unscrew, hook through chain, then hang back up
    • Nickel plated so very strong
    • Suitable for all Parrots

Ensure your Parrot stays engaged with Northern Parrots' own Parrot toys.


Our toys feature various textures like rope, wood, sisal, cardboard and metal to entice exploration and chewing. Foraging toys mimic natural behaviours, encouraging mental stimulation as your Parrot seeks out treats.


Foot toys provide exercise for beaks and feet, promoting agility and strength.


Climbing and swing toys offer opportunities for physical activity within the cage.


Choose from curated toy packs for added variety and stimulation. 


Find the perfect toy for your feathered friend here at Northern Parrots.