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With so many products to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect accessory for your Canary or Finch.


UV light is arguably the most important accessory you can provide your Canary or Finch with. Without adequate amounts of UV light your bird won’t produce enough Vitamin D3, either using the special process they use in their preening gland or through their skin. Vitamin D3 allows your Canary or Finch to make calcium, which is used by your bird to build strong bones. We have UV lights and lamps that you can place near your bird’s cage. There are stands and fixtures to hold all the lights in too.


Your Canary or Finch is going to spend some time in their cage, so make sure it’s a time well spent. Fit one of our perches to the cage so they have a place to exercise their feet and be comfortable. Perches come in a variety of interesting materials such as wood and in varying diameters. Perches may even trim your bird’s nails to a shorter, healthier length.


Something else you can add to your Canary or Finch’s cage is a hideaway. Parrots are natural prey animals so their instinct when nervous is to disappear from view for a while. We have soft and warm huts, tents, sacks and blankets for your Canary or Finch to snuggle up in when they feel wary.


Remove mess from your Canary or Finch’s cage with our cleaning products and disinfectant. Use a combination of the wipes, sprays, liquids and brushes to look after your bird’s cage.


The floor of your Canary or Finch’s cage can stay free from dirt by lining it with paper roll, sanded sheets or oyster shell. Cut the paper down to size and then let it collect everything that drops onto it. Once it becomes too cluttered, quickly remove it and replace with fresh sheets and the cage looks as good as new once again.


Once baby birds are born, weigh them in the scales that are accurate to within one gram to check they are developing properly. There is a special bowl on the scales to weigh these baby birds.


Protect your Canary or Finch’s food from sunlight, moisture, and of course your bird from getting to it by storing food in one of our storage boxes. There are three sizes available, small, medium and large.


These are stainless steel and plastic feeding dishes which securely fasten onto your bird’s cage.


Many Parrots love bathing, but if your bird just fancies a quick shower, spray them with a mister to encourage bathing.


Become an expert on your Canary or Finch and watch a Parrot DVD. You’ll learn how to train your bird and understand more about their behaviour.


Choose from a wide selection of accessories for your Canary or Finch right here.