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We have the biggest selection of Large Conure Accessories online.


Whilst your Large Conure is inside their cage keep their feet fit, healthy and well exercised with a fabulous perch. Perches come in a variety of strong materials and in lots of different sizes to fit most size of Parrot cage.


Spraying one of our mister sprays on your Large Conure, encourages them to clean themselves more.


Of course as well as keeping your Large Conure clean, you need to ensure their cage stays tidy, or as much as your messy Parrot allows it to be anyway!


Cover the floor of the cage with cage liner paper roll, which mean that once the floor becomes littered with excess food and droppings, you can quickly remove the lining and replace it with fresh sheets.


Use wipes, sprays, disinfectant and brushes to simply eliminate any bacteria, mess and other unwanted dirt in your Large Conure’s cage and keep it as hygienic as possible.


During the day it’s essential your Large Conure receives plenty of UV light so they can synthesise Vitamin D3 through a special process in their preening gland or in their skin. If they don’t get Vitamin D3, they can’t produce calcium, which they use to build strong bones. We have lights and lamps, and stands to hold the bulbs in.


Take your Large Conure outside in one of our harnesses or flight lines to give them to opportunity to spread their wings without you worrying they’ll escape. Flying increases your Parrot’s self confidence, boosts their fitness levels and raises their intelligence levels.


If you train your Large Conure effectively using a training clicker or positive reinforcement then you can have a better relationship with your bird.


Because your Large Conure is a prey animal in the wild they are often reluctant to show any outward signs of illness. So you need to be able to identify subtle signs of illness, like slight variations in your Parrot’s weight. Our scales for birds are accurate to within one gram, meaning you can quickly spot changes in your Large Conure’s weight.


Another feature of Parrots being prey animals is when they feel scared or threatened they need a safe place to retreat too. Hideaways provide your Large Conure with a warm, cosy place to escape the outside world for a little while until they’re ready to come out again.


Many feeding dishes also securely attach onto stands. These plastic or stainless steel dishes have plenty of room for all your Large Conure’s food and are easy to clean once your bird has finished eating. Remember though that your Parrot needs the opportunity to go searching for their food too, perhaps in a foraging toy.


Stop your Large Conure from taking a sneaky bite out of their food, and prevent sunlight or moisture from reaching their food by keeping it in a small, medium or large storage box.


If you are hand feeding a baby Conure, for example a young Patagonian Conure, you can administer their food using a syringe.


There’s a good selection of DVD’s too. Take the time to study any one of these to learn more about Parrot behaviour, nutrition and more.


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