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Whatever diet your Amazon Parrot is following, we’ve got the food for them.


Complete food means your feathered friend doesn’t have to eat any other type of food because it gives them all the nutrition they need. It comes in so many different flavours, like tropical and fruit and vegetable blend and so many different formats, like formulated pellets and nuggets. Unlike other types of food, very little waste is created when your Amazon eats it.


Amazon Parrot seed and seed mixes are incredibly varied. Some have been recommended by vets, some have been enriched with vitamins, some support a pelleted diet, some have high amounts of sunflower seed and others have very little sunflower seeds. A lot of seed mixes are of human grade quality so they are clean, healthy and most of all tasty.  Make sure your Amazon is enjoying seed as part of a mixed varied diet.


Use Parrot treats to reward your Amazon for their good behaviour or just as a snack between meals. There are hanging treats or loose treats in fun-to-eat flavours and exciting shapes. Treats still offer health benefits, including being an excellent source of minerals that support your Amazon in maintaining healthy bones, eyes and feathers.


Breeding and handfeed food works for either Parrot parents or their chicks. Ensure Amazon mums and dads stay in tip top condition and are giving their youngsters the best start in life.


There are lots of ways to serve your Amazon Parrot’s food too, although the main way your Parrot receives their food should be through foraging toys. In the wild your bird would spend many hours searching for their next meal and this source of mental stimulation is very important to them. Have a small amount of food in their feeding dish and the majority in their foraging toys.


There are stainless steel or plastic feeding dishes and both have clips that allow you to securely fasten them onto your Amazon Parrot’s cage or play stand. There are syringes to administer food to baby birds or for delivering liquid supplements.


You can store all of your Parrot's foods and treats in a small, medium or large storage box to keep it fresh and secure. The tight seal of the boxes locks in those enticing flavours.


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