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All our Large Conure Supplements are from the leading suppliers in the avian industry and are fast acting and straightforward to use. Remember to seek the advice of a vet immediately if your Large Conure is unwell.


All of the liquid supplements can be administered with a syringe.


In their daily diet a Large Conure needs the right blend of vitamins and minerals, so top up their intake with our range of multi vitamins, minerals and elements. Many of the mineral blocks have hangers, enabling you to hang them up in your Parrot’s cage and then they can chew on it whenever they like. Other vitamins and minerals you add to your bird’s food and water.


When you are considering breeding Large Conures, for example Patagonian Conures, prepare them properly by giving them the right breeding supplement in their diet. They’ll bring your potential Parrot parents into breeding condition faster and give chicks important nutrients. There’s also handrearing formula for when you are hand feeding baby chicks.


If your Large Conure is ill and off their food emergency nutrition supplements can definitely help them. These have the essential nutrients your Parrot needs to sustain themselves until they feel well again.


Probiotics and prebiotics are used in your Large Conure’s stomach. Probiotics help your Parrot maintain a healthy gut whilst prebiotics increase their effectiveness.


Give your Large Conure’s energy levels a boost with our energy boosting supplements. These are particularly useful during times of stress and stop your Parrot feeling listless.


Immune system boosters give immune support during difficult periods of illness for Larger Conures such as the Blue-crowned Conure. There are supplements that provide energy and immune support combined if needed.


Vitamin and mineral supplements like Omega 3 and calcium have useful benefits for your Large Conure too. Omega 3 helps them maintain a healthy heart, brain and muscles and calcium is used to produce eggs and build strong bones.


Our supplements work on every area of your Large Conure’s body, particularly the treatments and cures.


Other supplements target your Large Conure’s skin. They’ll soothe itchy skin, condition feathers, relieve red areas and cleanse your Parrot. All you need to do is apply the creams or sprays to your Parrot and you should see improvements in your bird’s plumage in a few weeks.


Feather plucking treatments help your bird if they have a tendency to pick their feathers by deterring picking and chewing.


If your Large Conure is unfortunate enough to suffer from lice or mites then we have highly effective anti-parasite treatment. These work on internal and external parasites, such as ringworm and fleas.


Respiratory aids clear catarrh from your Parrot’s throat and are also a disinfectant.


One of the first signs of illness in your Large Conure is sudden increases or decreases in their weight. Therefore weighing them regularly on the scales is important. Our scales are accurate to within a gram, so you can definitely keep a close watch on your Parrot’s weight.


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