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Give your bird mental and physical stimulation with these safe and fun Zoo-Max Toys.


Without toys to play with and puzzle over your Parrot could become destructive. These toys offer so much enrichment for your Parrot that it’d be difficult for your bird to get fed up of them.


Foot toys are light enough for your Parrot to move around and hold with their feet, and are perfect for helping your Parrot to keep their feet exercised through play. Plus, they give your Parrot something to get their beak into.


Toys your bird can climb on and swing about from are so much fun, and are great for keeping your Parrot active as they show off their unique acrobatic skills.


Use a range of foraging toys from this Zoo-Max range to encourage your Parrot to search for their food, treats or favourite materials. Your bird would do this frequently in the wild, so place a delicious treat in their foraging toy and let the puzzle commence.


Many different materials go into Zoo-Max Toys, including wood, acrylic, rope, metal and cardboard. The more textures your Parrot has to explore, the more pleasure they get from the toys.


You could always build a toy especially for your Parrot that you know they’ll adore, using the toy-making parts. Help cement the bond between you by working together to construct a new toy for your Parrot. The toy-making parts are non-toxic and have been tested to ensure they're safe for your Parrot to use. Like with all Parrot toys though, supervise your bird when they are playing with toys.


Make sure birdie boredom never becomes a problem and purchase from our incredible choice of Zoo-Max Toys right here.