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We have all the accessories your Cockatoo requires to have a fulfilled and enriched life.


A perch is an essential part of any Cockatoo cage. All our perches keep your Cockatoo’s feet well exercised and in good condition, as well as helping to trim their nails to a shorter, healthier length. There are perches which you can bend into your desired shape and even perches which are suitable for your Parrot to eat. Cockatoo perches are very strong and a select few can be used when your Parrot is showering or resting near a window. 


Although Cockatoos do need to spend some of their day foraging for their food, they should always have a supply of food ready in a feeding dish. Feeding dishes attach securely onto your Parrot’s cage to make them easy for your bird to access.


Giving your Cockatoo access to lots of UV light is also vital for their wellbeing. UV light allows your Parrot to synthesise Vitamin D3 through the skin or a special process in the preening gland. Your bird needs Vitamin D3 to produce calcium, which is used to produce strong bones. We have UV lights, lamps, stands, bulbs and holders.


Fitting your Cockatoo with a harness or flightline lets your Parrot discover the joys of flight without you worrying they’ll escape. Flying boosts their self-confidence, improves their fitness and increases their level of intelligence.


As Parrots are prey animals it’s only natural for them to want to disappear from view for a while if they feel scared or threatened. Hideaways are warm, comfortable places for your bird to stay in until they feel ready to be sociable once more.


Another aspect of their prey personality is that Parrots don’t like to show any signs of illness. Therefore you need to be able to read the early signs that your Cockatoo is unwell. One way of doing that is by weighing them, because sudden increases or decreases in their weight may be the first indicator that your Parrot is suffering from an illness. We have scales accurate to within one gram.


You can administer liquid supplements to your Parrot using syringes.


We have an amazing selection of disinfectant, brushes, sprays and wipes that help you maintain a high standard of hygiene in your bird’s cage. There are also water purifiers so your Cockatoo’s water is always ready for drinking.


Line the floor of your Parrot’s cage with cage liner paper or oyster shell. Once the floor becomes too messy, simply remove it and replace it with fresh linings.


Spray your Cockatoo with a mister spray that they won’t be able to resist bathing in and keep your bird clean.


Store food away from your Cockatoo’s reach in one of our storage boxes. With three sizes available (small, medium and large) and a tight seal that ensures food stays out of sunlight and free from moisture, they are the perfect storage container.


Learn lots more about your Cockatoo by watching a Parrot DVD. They cover lots of topics including training, behaviour, nutrition and much more. You’ll be a Cockatoo expert in no time.


Finally, if you’re currently training your Cockatoo, use a training clicker to reinforce good behaviour and reward them for a productive training session.


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