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Choose foods from trusted brands and major manufacturers and give your Lovebird a healthy and well balanced diet. Each recipe has been blended with your Lovebird’s best interests in mind.


Seed mixes have been greatly improved over the years and many are now enriched with vitamins and minerals and have added ingredients like fruits, vegetables and nuts. Several seed mixes have been selected by vets as a good seed mix for your Lovebird to tuck into.


Combine seed with other foods such as fruit and vegetables, sprouting seeds and pulses to keep your Lovebird’s diet interesting.


Another way of doing that is by providing your Lovebird with complete food. There is usually very little waste created, unlike seed mixes. It provides your Lovebird with all the vitamins, minerals, nutrients and goodness they need without the issues of selective feeding.


Complete food can be enjoyed at any stage of your Lovebird’s life. But you may find during breeding season that a breeding diet for your Parrot parent helps them stay in tip top condition.If you need to or decide to hand rear the chicks, then our handfeeding food would be best. Ensure your vulnerable chicks receive the finest start in life by getting everything they need to grow fast and strong.


Lovebird treats come in many fun-to-eat shapes and can be a healthy snack for your Lovebird, or used as a reward for their good behaviour. 


Some treats are great for using in foraging toys. Searching for their food provides lots of mental stimulation, which in turn helps reduce birdie boredom and the many associated unwanted behaviours.


Keep your Lovebird’s food and treats fresh in a storage box. There are three sizes available, small, medium and large, but all have a tight lid that greatly reduces the amount of moisture, sunlight and pests that get to it.


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