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When it comes to nourishing your Amazon Parrot, our range of Amazon Parrot Food offers everything your feathered friend requires for a balanced diet. 

Our complete food options are designed to provide all the necessary nutrition without the need for any additional food types, available in various flavours such as tropical and fruit and vegetable blends, and formats like formulated pellets and nuggets, minimising waste. If your Amazon enjoys tropical flavours try Lafeber Nutriberries

Additionally, our selection includes Amazon Parrot Seed and seed mixes, vet-recommended and enriched with vitamins to support pelleted diets and preferences for sunflower seeds, ensuring high-quality, tasty options for a diverse diet. We love Parrot Premium Professional Parrot Food

Our Parrot Treats serve as a perfect rewards or snack, offering health benefits and essential minerals for maintaining healthy bones, eyes, and feathers.  The main way your Parrot receives their food should be through foraging toys. In the wild your bird would spend many hours searching for their next meal and this source of mental stimulation is very important to them. 

We also cater to the specific needs of breeding Amazon Parrots and their chicks with specialised breeding and hand-feed food, ensuring optimal health and development.


For more ideas and inspiration read our handy Amazon Parrot Feeding Guide.