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Parrot Hideaways, also known as tents or huts, are an amazing idea that offers birds somewhere to retreat to within their cage for privacy, so they feel safe and secure once again. Parrots are prey animals and when they feel threatened by anything going on around them they need a place to hide in, such as a Parrot Hideaway.


Tired birds need a place to escape to for down time, and when there is just too much going on in the house; your bird requires a place of privacy to withdraw to. Parrots and other caged birds benefit emotionally and mentally from having a soft, plush material in their cage to snuggle against. It helps them to avoid draugths and keep warm, relax and sleep comfortably.


Some Hideaways come with an in built perch, whilst others are designed to fit over and around one of your Parrot's existing perches, which is great as when a bird sleeps their feet naturally contract to grasp and hold onto a perch.


You’ll soon be amazed how quickly your Parrot's Hideaway becomes one of their favourite places!