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We have so many different accessories for your Amazon Parrot so they can enjoy a happy, healthy life. Although your feathered friend needs to spend time foraging for their food, they should always have access to a good supply of food and fresh water in their feeding dishes.


Between mealtimes, keep all your Amazon Parrot’s food fresh, safe and secure in a storage box. We have three sizes available, small, medium and large, each one has a tight seal and is designed to prevent sunlight, pests and moisture spoiling your bird’s food.


Parrots are prey animals and don’t like to show any outward signs of illness, the first sign that anything is wrong with your Parrot could be indicated by a change in their weight. Use our scales to regularly weigh your Amazon Parrot accurately to within one gram.


Administer any medicine that a vet prescribes from an illness using a syringe.


Perches provide your Amazon with comfortable places to stand inside or outside of their cage. Choose an array of perches for your Parrot with varying diameters; to keep feet well exercised, plus they're made from different materials for them to explore.


It’s crucial that your Amazon gets sufficient amounts of UV light. Without UV light your Parrot can’t synthesise Vitamin D3, which they use to metabolise calcium. Your bird needs calcium to build strong bones. Our bird lamps will give your Amazon the UV light that they need. There are also stands to hold the lights in place over the cage.


If your feathered friend wants to retreat from the world during the day time, then our hideaways could be the answer. There are tents and blankets for your Amazon to go too if they feel threatened or want to keep warm.


Keep your Amazon’s cage clean using our cleaning products and disinfectant. They are easy to use and quickly dissolve mess and droppings inside the cage. There are sprays and wipes so the environment around your Parrot’s cage stays fresh.


For an even more useful way of keeping your Amazon Parrot’s cage clean, try one of our cage floor coverings. Bathing your Amazon is a fun way to spend time together. There are misters and sprays for when your bird would prefer a shower and specially designed shower perches for them to stand so they can enjoy the steam and mist from your shower.


Another exciting way to build the bond between you and your bird is learning a new skill. Teaching your Amazon Parrot to fly builds their self-esteem, helps them get fitter, become more active and develop better coordination. Teach your Parrot to fly safely with one of our Parrot harnesses.


Training clickers support you when training a new behaviour or skill to your Parrot. When your Amazon Parrot does the desired behaviour press the clicker to let your bird know you approve. You can reinforce this with a tasty treat or praise.


All the accessories you need for your Amazon Parrot are right here.