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You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a brand new Cockatoo Toy, as we have hundreds to choose from, and they’re sure to keep your Cockatoo amused whether they’re playing inside or outside their cage. Although please supervise your Parrot if they are playing with toys.


Some of the most enriching toys you can buy for your Cockatoo are foraging toys, which are either chewable or reusable. Place food inside the foraging toys and let your Cockatoo work out how to retrieve them. In the wild Parrots spend long periods of their day looking for their food and companion Parrots need plenty of foraging opportunities too.


There are foraging toys that are simple to crack, up to foraging toys which have a more challenging puzzle to solve. Our toy packs have six times the amount of fun that single toys have, because they have up to six toys inside them. Don’t hand them out to your Cockatoo all at once; wait until they’ve become bored of one toy before handing them a new one, so their enrichment lasts longer.


Cockatoo foot toys are very small and light, making them easy for your bird to hold in their beak or feet. Foot toys exercises the nails and jaw so they stay trim and agile respectively, which is much healthier for your Parrot.


Our toys for Cockatoo’s are built using lots of different textures to give your Cockatoo lots of beak-teasingly good flavours. There are coconut and cactus toys, willow and palm toys and cardboard and paper toys to name but a few.


Cardboard and paper toys are shreddable, helping to keep your Cockatoo’s nails trim. Most birds love the sound cardboard and paper makes as they’re slowly torn into smaller pieces.


Acrylic and metal toys are some of the strongest toys on offer for your Cockatoo, perfect if your Parrot is particularly destructive. Reusable foraging toys are frequently made from acrylic and metal, so your bird’s foraging fun continues for a long time.


Shreddable toys are built to be destroyed and not to be a long term fixture in your Parrot’s life. Encourage your Cockatoo to slowly break the toy into smaller pieces. As an added bonus, they’ll probably enjoy the ripping noise the toy makes too.


Swings and activity toys are fun toys for your Cockatoo to play with if they’re adventurous. These multi-purpose toys exercise your bird’s whole body as they move around on the toy. Will your Parrot walk or fly to the very top of the climbing wall and ladder or swing right round on the swinging toys? Activity and trick toys are ideal if your Cockatoo needs to exercise more. There are lots here to help your bird stay a healthy weight, including roller skates and stackers to help your Parrot learn colours and numbers.


Our larger stainless steel and double chimer bells ring out all year round, chiming happily away as your Cockatoo plays with their other toys. Some musical toys require your Parrot to put more effort into making them make a noise, so great for that all important mental stimulation!


But what gets your Cockatoo thinking most of all is learning to talk. Buy one of our speech training devices and teach your Parrot simple words and phrases. Learning to talk improves your bird’s self confidence and makes them more intelligent.


Still can’t decide which toy your Cockatoo would prefer? Then build your own bespoke to your Cockatoo’s likes and dislikes with our toy-making parts.


Give your Cockatoo a toy that provides them with oodles of fun right here.