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You won’t find a better selection of Lovebird Accessories anywhere else online.


Whether you need perches for their cage, aviary or flight cage you’ll find the perfect one for your Lovebird from our extensive range. There’s sanded perches; great for keeping nails trim, natural wood perches, edible perches; to keep beaks entertained and provide essential nutrition; spiral shaped perches for your Lovebird to climb around on, plus so much more. 


Birds can be messy, it’s just the way they are! There are a number of cage accessories designed to help reduce and stop excess mess, as well as make cleaning up easier and quicker.


Fed up of your Lovebird tipping their bowls, sending food and water everywhere? Then take a look at our range of feeding dishes for great ideas, such as the quick-lock feeding bowls. Once feeding time has finished put all your Lovebird’s food away in a storage box and keep it fresh and appetising until their next meal or treat.


Make changing your Lovebird’s cage easy with sanded sheets and cage liner paper. Plus, Poop-Off makes light work of bird droppings and mess. 


Bathing options include misters and bathing sprays, all designed to help your feathered friend stay looking amazing.


Birds are prey animals and when they feel scared or threatened it’s natural for them to want to hide. In the wild this might be behind foliage or a burrow of a tree, our range of hideaways means you’ll find the perfect place for your Lovebird to retreat to should they feel the need.


Birds are very good at hiding the fact anything might be wrong with their health. Any change in your bird’s weight could be an early indication of illness. It is good practise to weigh your Lovebird regularly using scales that are accurate to within one gram and come with a T-Perch and bowl in case you need to weigh baby birds in them.


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