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Although your Parrot needs to spend much more time outside their cage than in, your Parrot will have to spend a small portion of their lives in it.


King’s are specialists in cages, and have spent years developing and improving their collection.


King's Cages come in a variety of sizes so small Parrots like Lovebirds and large Parrots like African Greys fit into their cages comfortably.


There are travel cages for when you and your bird are on the move, play top cages to create even more space for your bird to roam and solid top cages for extra security when your bird is at rest.


All cages are made from aluminium, chosen because of its unique qualities, it is strong and lightweight, making it hardwearing and easy to transport.


These cages for your Parrot come with free delivery, ready for you to build for when your feathered friend needs a new home.


Spare parts for the cages are available too.


Check out our fantastic King’s Cages right here.