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Seeds are a staple of most Parrot diets, and with Johnston and Jeff Food, your Parrot can enjoy a range of Parrot seed, and the benefits they bring.


Seed mixes are perfect for using in foraging toys. Simply add a generous portion to the toy, and let your Parrot work out how to get them out again. This gives your Parrot mental stimulation and replicates how they’d behave in the wild. Parrots spend many hours searching for their food in their natural environment and it is an activity they really enjoy.


There is a lower fat content in the fruit, nut and veg mix. Parrots like to have nuts with their seed, which are packed with oils and vitamins like Vitamin B that keeps your Parrot’s nerves and muscles healthy. Of course, you need to feed your Parrot with much more than seed so they get a well-rounded diet.


Parrots need seed mixes specifically blended for their species, so Johnston and Jeff have mixes created for individual species of Parrot. They differ in terms of seed size, fat content and the type of seed itself.


Johnston and Jeff Food makes a nutritious addition to your Parrot’s feeding dish or as part of foraging activity, so add Johnston and Jeff to your bird's daily meal plan today.