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Our treatments and cures are highly effective and simple to administer, but please remember to contact a vet if you believe your Quaker Parrot is suffering from an illness.


Some supplements you use daily to maintain your bird’s good health whilst others you only need to use when a problem arises.


Illness and emergency products are highly effective when your Quaker is unwell. Guardian Angel has many of the supplements your Parrot needs in one, including immune support, energy boost and nutrition.


You can also buy separate emergency nutrition, immune support and energy boosting supplements if your Quaker Parrot is only displaying one of the symptoms.


Probiotics help your bird to maintain a healthy gut by maintaining the numbers of good bacteria, whilst prebiotics increase the effectiveness of good bacteria.


Check on your Monk Parakeet’s weight with our scales, accurate to within one gram.


Treatments and cures are another highly effective way of treating your Quaker when they’re suffering from illness.


Sprays for the skin and skin treatments work by conditioning feathers, promoting a brighter plumage, soothing skin and relieving dry and itchy skin, so your Quaker’s skin stays clean and in superb condition. This can help to reduce feather plucking and unnecessary moulting and may even get rid of lice and mites.


Specific anti-parasite treatments are also available, ensuring they’re as effective as they can be. Simply squeeze the contents onto your Quaker Parrot to quickly get rid of internal parasites like roundworm as well as external parasites such as ticks, fleas, lice and mites.


There are specific supplements that can reduce or even stop feather plucking altogether. These include Pluck No More


Respiratory aids like Wheeze-Eeze act in your bird’s throat. They loosen cataarh and help them breathe better.


Having the right balance of vitamins and minerals keep your Quaker healthy and reduce any illnesses they may have. Some vitamins come in powdered format, others liquid, but are all easy to add to food or water.


One of the most important vitamins is D3, which is usually supplied with calcium because they work in conjunction with one another. D3 allows your Parrot to synthesise calcium, which they then use to build strong bones and beak.


When your Quaker is breeding, you need to take care of both adults and chicks. Syringes allow you to administer liquid supplements to them if needed. Pro - Boost bring your bird into breeding condition faster.


Get all the supplements you need for your Quaker or Monk Parakeet Parrot right here.