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We have hundreds of fun, stimulating toys to keep your Caique mentally and physically stimulated. Our excellent range of toys ensures your Caique is entertained for a long time, although you will need to supervise your Caique when they are playing with their toys.


Chewable toys are one style of foraging toys we have available (the other is reusable.) We have chewable toys made from a variety of materials so your Caique can have a good old chomping time and ensure their beak stays healthy and trim. Some toys have been specially created so that your Caique receives vital vitamins and minerals as they chew. These include the natural coconut and cactus and willow and palm up to the stronger, reusable toys made from hardwood, metal and acrylic.


Foraging is something all Parrots love to do. The process of searching for their food, rather then it always being ready to eat from a feeding dish is a lot more mentally stimulating for your Caique. So although there should be a small selection of food in the bowl for your Caique to tuck into, ideally you need to hide delicious food and treats in a foraging toy for your bird to seek out. We have foraging toys for Caiques who are expert foragers and toys for Caiques who prefer solving simpler foraging puzzles. Both are sure to get your bird thinking.


Reusable foraging toys, made from tougher materials like polycarbonate, are easy to refill with Parrot treats once your Caique has retrieved the goodies already prefilled inside.


Foot toys are very light and small, and therefore very easy for your Caique to walk or fly around with. These types of toys keep your Parrot’s feet and their beak well exercised, as they move with the toy and then chew on it once they’re stationary.


The sound a shreddable toy makes as it is slowly ripped to pieces is a favourite of birds. These types of toys are usually made from paper or cardboard to make them more straightforward for your Caique to shred.


Wood and rope toys give your Parrot something different to chew on. Soft rope is often used by Parrots for preening as well as chewing, as it can distract from excessive feather plucking.


Swings and activity toys support your Caique if you want them to get fitter. Caiques can climb on the walls, ladders and swings, so a very active workout for your Parrot.


Activity and trick toys are another fun way for your Parrot to exercise. Your Caique can get their skates on and learn to rollerblade, start learning shapes and colours with a puzzle board, stack rings, trim their beak or explore an activity.


For a more pleasant noise, encourage your feathered friend to ring a bell that then chimes away as your bird plays with other toys.


If you want lots of new toys to brighten up their toy box, then a toy pack could be the answer. They have up to seven fantastic toys for your Parrot to play within each pack, although it may be better for you to take the time to introduce each one to your Caique separately. Once your bird has exhausted playing with one toy, you can add another to replace it.


Another option if you can’t find the perfect gift for your Caique is to build your own toy using our toy-making parts. Turn an old, no longer played with toy into something fresh for your bird or create your own toy using the pieces. Working on this project together helps grow the bond between you and your Parrot.


As you can see, we’ve got a huge selection of Caique Toys at affordable prices, so you’ll definitely find the perfect toy for your Caique right here.