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  • zupreem garden mix

    ZuPreem Real Rewards 6oz Garden Mix Small Parrot Treat

    • A treat made with tasty vegetable and more
    • The resealable bag ensures food stays fresh
    • Hide in foraging toys for your Parrot to find
    • Suitable for Caique, Cockatiel, Conure and more
  • large storage box

    Storage Box for Parrot Food - Large

    • A handy place to store all your Parrot's food and other goodies
    • Has a tight seal to keep food fresh
    • Has a scooper to grab food with
    • Suitable for African Grey, Amazon, Budgie and more

There are nine different species of Lovebirds including the Peach-faced Lovebird and Masked Lovebird.


A Lovebird, like every Parrot, needs a balanced diet to keep them in tip-top condition. There are many foods and treats available from top selling brands, just take a look.


Discover a large range of seed diets, complete / pelleted diets and even Organic diets, alongside healthy and nutritious treats.


When it comes to entertaining your Lovebird you are simply spoilt for choice with so many amazing toys, designed to be fun, stimulating but most importantly safe.


There’s foraging toys so your Lovebird can search for and retrieve their food, chewable toys, plus ones for shredding, picking, preening on, climbing and swinging from and more.


For even more fun away from their cage, there are a number of play stands which provide a dedicated safe place for your bird to play.


On the occasions your Lovebird is in their cage, ensure that they have the most suitable cage for them, offering plenty of space to play and exercise.


So remember, Northern Parrots has everything you need to care for your Lovebird, with food, treats, toys, cages, accessories and supplements all here in one place.